434: Fat Fighting Transitional Foods.

Fat Fighting Transitional Foods

Today’s show is devoted to my fellow emotional eaters!

To YOU, if you get huge, decidedly disproportionate and indisputably irrational pleasure from food. 

Like the weekend I spent in Melbourne recently which saw me pounding the pavement early Saturday morning in search of not that stunningly unique boutique or funky new plant based cafe but rather the gorgeous cape-seed rolls from Bakers Delight that I’m in the habit of devouring each weekend in Sydney.

I’m serious. So serious in fact that I also stalked the streets of Shepparton in country Victoria the next morning still on the hunt for my illusive cape-seed rolls. Sadly it was to no avail as the Melbourne outlet of Bakers Delight “Does not bake cape-seed rolls on Saturdays” and of equal disappointment the Shepparton outlet “Does not bake cape-seed rolls on Sundays.”

“OH NO!!! You must be joking??” I choked out. Mortified beyond reason. 

The lady in each store understandably thought I was bonkers.

So you see, I am an Emotional Eater.

One of the many tactics I’ve deployed over my years of emotional eating – is the concept of:

Fat Fighting Transitional Foods.

Today I’d love to share with you 4 categories of Fat Fighting Transitional Foods and how you can use them to your best body gaining advantage.  Continue reading…

433: Looking For The Catch Revisited.

Looking For The Catch Revisited

Have you heard of the term: Looking For The Catch?

It’s a strategy I’ve also covered in show #315 that you can do either to your benefit or to your detriment. In today’s show on:

Looking For The Catch Revisited

I’m going to make this strategy applicable to achieving your best, strong, healthy body.

However that body looks, feels and functions for YOU. Continue reading…

432: Eating Right Was So Hard Until It Wasn’t!

Eating Right Was So Hard Until It Wasn’t!

As I plan this show I’ve just raided the fridge in a post lunch attempted demolish session. It wasn’t especially detrimental and as such is a timely reminder of how grateful I am to no longer live at the mercy of my food cravings. Today I want to share why: Eating Right Was So Hard Until It […]

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431: The Belief Gap.

The Belief Gap

Todays show is a fresh look at one of my favourite subjects. It’s a chance to turn a self perpetuating cycle that may be working against you on it’s head. To close: The Belief Gap. The Belief Gap, is that often unknown yet decidedly debilitating gap between what you say you want and your belief in your […]

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