439: 3 Nutritional Reframes.

3 Nutritional Reframes

There’s a incorrect observation I’m on the receiving end of not infrequently that I find particularly bemusing.

It’s that old: “But you’re lucky you must not be so into food.”

Or something along those lines.

Some likely well intentioned yet utterly misguided judgement that gives the observer an excuse for their foodie excess’s.

The person who assumes I’m “not so into food” has almost certainly never eaten with me. They’ve certainly never been on the receiving end of my cookery. They have zero idea of just how much I adore and am obsessed with food glorious food.

In todays show I’m sharing:

3 Nutritional Reframes.

3 nutritional reframes to help you escape a constant, exhausting battle against food notorious food and instead enjoy focusing on food glorious food!

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438: The More You Know The Less You Know.

The More You Know The Less You Know

Recently I heard the advice: “Have passionate beliefs, loosely held.”

Now a few years ago that would have sounded ridiculous to me.

I was proudly dichotomous. Black or white. Love or Hate. I held passionately yet tightly to my beliefs… to a debilitating fault!

Perhaps it was youthful idealism. Arrogance. Ego. Or maybe it was that I hadn’t learnt the value in being flexible. I was yet to really appreciate:

The More You Know The Less You Know.

In today’s show I’m discussing, The More You Know The Less You Know as it relates to 2 of my favourite things:

FUEL (everything Food)

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437: 5 Fat Loss Tips For Vegans.

Fat Loss Tips For Vegans

It’s a little embarrassing to share however I led a Vegetarian rather than purely Plant based / Vegan lifestyle for many years NOT because of laziness. Or supreme love of cheese. Or ice cream. Or even eggs. Though I did really LOVE eggs. The thing that held me back was part vanity and part ignorance. I was terrified the body I’d built for […]

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436: How To Stay Motivated.

How To Stay Motivated

On Saturday night I caught up with a dear girlfriend. Now this is one of my friends who is hugely motivated and successful. A very driven chick. As we shared a vodka soda fresh lime or 5 (!) we discussed that fine line between appreciating the NOW and staying driven and motivated to achieve more. To have a greater impact. […]

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