443: 6 Steps To Drag Yourself Out Of A Rut.

Steps To Drag Yourself Out Of A Rut

In todays show I’m sharing:

6 Steps To Drag Yourself Out Of A Rut.

However wouldn’t it be great if there weren’t steps? If all it took was one big “Let’s just DO IT!” step?  Continue reading…

442: 9 Overwhelm Overcoming Tactics

Overwhelm Overcoming Tactics

Todays show is in response to me needing to take my own advice!

I’ve allowed my thinking to become a little lazy. Somewhat scattered. As such, I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

Thankfully – for us both if YOU can relate – overwhelm is completely overcome-able!

In todays show:

9 Overwhelm Overcoming Tactics.

Let’s dig deeper with an Overwhelm Overcoming acronym I first shared in show 429. Continue reading…

441: Easy Cheese Substitutes.

Easy Cheese Substitutes

This weekend I had a cooking win! If you’ve been listening to the Healthification podcast for any period of time you’ll know I’m a fussy eater and a lazy cook. Not the best combo. I’m hopeful that as I get older perhaps I’ll acquire some of my mums legendary kitchen prowess…! I’ll share the win […]

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440: Trigger Food Strategies.

Trigger Food Strategies

How apt that as I plan todays show I’m devouring my #1 most tempting trigger food… delicious roasted cashews. It’s all good though. I have the strategy to most of the time keep my cashew guzzling under control. Today I’m sharing 3: Trigger Food Strategies. Before we get rolling let’s define trigger food.

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